What is the Asset Fusion Platform?

IoT is enabling secure tracking of high value moving assets. Knowing where things are at any given time can be critical to transforming business operations – reducing risk, saving money, improving efficiency
and potentially even driving new service revenue.

Asset Fusion is an exciting new technology platform designed to bring scale, performance, simple integration and low costs to mobile asset tracking applications. The platform has been built from the ground up using IoT architecture and
technologies within Microsoft Azure.


Device Agnostic

Functionality and features in tracking devices change rapidly and so our platform is hardware device agnostic. This means you are no longer locked in as we support a wide range of mobile asset and vehicle tracking devices from multiple global vendors. We are constantly adding new devices and with support for IoT  standards such as MQTT and AMQP 100’s of devices are already supported on Asset Fusion.


Unlocked Application Suite

We provide access to applications through an eco-system of partners including those to meet most Mobile Asset Tracking and Fleet Management requirements, plus we also provide an standards base and open API (application programming interface) to allow for new applications to be developed by both clients and partners to further enhance the value that can be obtained from tracking data in the platform.


Full Data Access

Full and direct access to the data coming from the assets that are being monitored and tracked.  In addition to the Asset Fusion front end applications and open API, we also provide a direct data feed of the data generated by the assets so that this may be used by other applications or BI and analytics platforms within our clients environment.


Infinitly Scalable

Global platform built on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and IoT suite of services.  We are a Microsoft Partner and with the Azure IoT suite of services, solutions for our clients and partners will scale to meet the most demanding client requirements.


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