Smart Shipping

The maritime industry is rapidly changing with technology and digital transformation playing a pivotal role. The IIoT and fleet tracking are crucial for ports, shipping operators and other members within the maritime community to track and trace assets in close proximity and long-range vehicles, vessels and containers.

Being able to track where an asset is at any given time, whether it be motorised or non-motorised, indoor and outdoor or long or short range, can create greater efficiencies to reduce costs, improve processes and safety for operatives and passengers.

The Asset Fusion Approach



There are many potential solutions for every IoT and asset tracking challenge -it can be hard to know which route to take. We provide impartial guidance and advice to build the right IoT strategy that delivers value for your business.



Our platform uses IoT-enabled technology to locate and monitor all types of assets within complex environments. It’s designed for performance and scale to allow customers to improve operational efficiencies and cut costs.



Organisations shouldn’t have to spend lots of time, resources or cash to understand new technologies or being locked in to a solution that will not work for your business. Let us take the worry away - we will get you to the point where you have a business case and proven solution.    


Asset Fusion provides an IoT-enabled, cloud based, tracking platform to locate all types of assets from vessels and vehicles to equipment and people within the port operation.

Port operators and shipping companies can improve operational efficiencies, cut costs and turnaround times compared to a traditional fleet tracking provider.


Track all assets

Motorised and non-motorised. Including vessels and support vessels, vehicles, including safety vehicles and passenger transport, all shipping handling equipment and any non-motorised equipment such as containers.

Range and scale

Use the most suitable tracking device for the assets that require tracking. This is whether it’s indoor, outdoor, short or long-range, across one or multiple sites with no limit to the amount of assets tracked – our cloud-based platform scales infinity.

Capturing and data reporting

One real-time dashboard with powerful analytics and reporting covering all your tracked assets.


Integrate with other applications though standard APIs.


Reduce costs by creating better operational efficiencies; save fuel, reclaim leased items, reduce port incidents and theft. Data from tracked assets can unlock the potential to optimise processes such as trim and hull, drylocking, save fuel, reduce theft and improve route planning.

Unlike traditional fleet or asset tracking solutions that are complicated to manage and scale, incur high investment, slow to roll out and require high levels of maintenance - Asset Fusion doesn’t lock customers into a device and application silo.  

Are you looking to transform asset tracking and location monitoring in your maritime organisation? Contact Asset Fusion