Manufacturing and construction:
streamline processes, reduce risk and realise significant cost savings

Many manufacturing organisations are turning to asset tracking solutions to answer the question “where’s my stuff?” but there are a huge number of asset tracking use cases within the industry to streamline processes and create greater efficiencies.

Business leaders are looking to reduce cost and risk while the IT function can realise the benefits and opportunities that digital transformation and the IIoT can bring.

Asset Fusion offers a cloud-based, IoT-enabled asset tracking platform to track not only vehicles, but all non-motorised assets such as tools, heavy machinery or generators.

The IoT-enabled platform allows manufacturers to:

Consolidate data

Some manufacturing equipment comes with built in telematics, but what about the equipment that doesn’t or the non-motorised equipment? Simplify your data management with one platform, one dashboard from one supplier that covers all your assets.

Scale infinity

We know manufacturing plants and construction companies have large amount of equipment to track at any given time. Our platform works with any sensor or device to track assets whether they are indoor, outdoor, long or short range, across one or multiple sites with no limit to the amount of assets tracked.

Streamline processes

Cut costs by creating better operational efficiencies and streamline processes. Plus reduce theft, reclaim leased items, reduce the number of incidents and fines, save fuel and improve driver behaviour.

We work with customers to ensure their tracking solutions works around how their business operates to streamline processes, create operational efficiencies, reduce risk and realise significant cost savings. Compared with a traditional asset tracking solutions that are typically difficult to manage, incur high investment, slow to roll out with high levels of maintenance and locks customers into a device and application silo.

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