Who, what and where at Heathrow

Heathrow Airport has released a report entitled Who Does What at Heathrow. The report states that over 400 companies work within the airport to ensure thousands of safe passenger and cargo journeys every day.

On the airside of the airport, the list of who does what includes; cargo, baggage (including airside baggage handlers), police, ambulance, fire service, weather forecasting and airside operations – this is a lot of people, vehicles and equipment - all sharing the same space - to enable quick turnaround of aircraft.

Who Does What at Heathrow, https://your.heathrow.com/operations/who-does-what/

Who Does What at Heathrow, https://your.heathrow.com/operations/who-does-what/

With so many parties within one community, how can you track where anything is at any given time? Cargo operators are moving 1.5 million metric tonnes of cargo each year, can they streamline this by locating all their motorised vehicles, such as forklifts? How can a ground handler trace its non-powered equipment, such as tugs, dollies or tow bars that are critical to passenger and aircraft turnaround?

Tracking and tracing vehicles, people and ‘things’ within the complex airside community can a have huge and positive impact on safety, business processes and costs:

  • Safety – improve driver behaviour

  • Business processes – streamline processes, improve operational efficiencies and simplify data management

  • Costs – reclaim leased assets, reduce fuel costs, fewer airport parking fines

Asset Fusions IoT-enabled asset tracking solution provides tracking of all airside assets – powered or non-powered, on a global scale and at a lower cost compared to a traditional fleet tracking provider.

If you are having trouble locating your assets or looking for a solution to track and analyse data from all your motorised and non-motorised assets get in touch with Asset Fusion.