18 questions to assess what IoT asset tracking method is right for your business

If you are managing a complex operational environment involving fleets of vehicles, equipment and  assets on the move, then tracking is essential to answer the question “where is my stuff?”. Vehicle and asset tracking is now one of the most business-critical applications for many industries and the data and analytics gleaned from it can lead to potentially huge business gains.

There are different types of tracking; from time-based (a rough location) to precision-based a triangulated position of the device hearing a number of signals from transmitters). It’s a huge market and it can be easy to clock up hours researching smart new hardware sensors, an IoT Platform or the latest machine learning and data analytics technology.

To ensure you get the right solution to fit your business needs here are 18 questions to answer in order to assess your tracking requirements:

1.       Does the tracking need to be indoor, outdoor or both?

2.       Do you have one site, a number of sites, or need to track anywhere or between sites? 

3.       What frequency of device reporting do you require?

4.       What data types and amounts to be transferred (tiny location, additional data, video?) 

5.       Do you need live real-time and historical functionality?

6.       Are the assets powered or non-powered?

7.       Is there a mix of the types of assets you need to track?

8.       What level of security is required? (Device, authentication, enrollment)

9.       Client IT environment and architecture 

10.   Can you see any foreseeable changes to your requirements over time? (expansion, merger and acquisition?)

11.   What type of data access and ownership do you require?

12.   Cost and ROI?

13.   What is the number of assets and volumes?

14.   Local geography and network availability? 

15.   What are your accuracy requirements?

16.   Site and/or infrastructure ownership? 

17.   The concentration of organisations using capability? (multi-tenant or not)

18.   Airspace/frequency ownership model? 

By answering these questions it’s obvious one solution doesn’t fit all, in many circumstances organisations will have a combination of requirements such as indoor and outdoor tracking and a mix of asset types, including motorised and non-motorised. Therefore, a single type of device or sensor across all assets is unlikely to fulfil the business’s needs. And, if you are locked into the device manufacturer’s platform, the data and analytics can be limited and not provide that full ‘single pane of glass’ view.

Asset Fusion’s platform is vendor agnostic and can work with any device. It’s designed to bring scale, performance, simple integration and cost-effectiveness to mobile asset tracking applications. If your requirements require you to track ‘anything that moves’ contact us to see how we can transform your operations and help you to reduce risk, save money, improve efficiency and potentially even drive new service revenue.