Increase operational efficiencies, cut costs and improve airport turnaround times

Asset Fusion specialises in complex environments. We understand that in aviation fast aircraft turnaround and safety of passengers and ground staff is essential.

Airport operators and ground handlers sharing the same air side space need to find efficient and cost saving ways to track and trace moving and non-moving assets, including vehicles and people, to improve processes and reduce risk. This can be a challenging task with many stakeholders, including air-side controllers, IT staff and ground support organisations working together to implement the best technology platforms, devices and data management solutions to work around how their environment operates.

Asset Fusion enables airport communities to:


Track all assets

Motorised and non-motorised. Including planes, vehicles (such as fire trucks, other safety vehicles, passenger courriers) all Ground Handling Equipment (GHE) any non-motorised equipment such as dollies and tow bars.


Simplify data management

One real-time dashboard with powerful analytics and reporting covering all your tracked assets

range and scale

Range and scale

Use the most suitable tracking device for the assets that require tracking. This is weather it’s indoor, outdoor, short or long-range, across one or multiple sites with no limit to the amount of assets tracked – our cloud-based platform scales infinity.



Integrate with other applications though standard APIs.


our customers are able to:

Reduce costs by creating better operational efficiencies; reclaim leased items, reduce airport fines, reduce parking fines, save fuel, reduce airport accidents and improve driver behaviour.

Unlike traditional fleet or asset tracking solutions that are complicated to manage and scale, incur high investment, slow to roll out and require high levels of maintenance - Asset Fusion doesn’t lock customers into a device and application silo.  


Find out what Asset Fusion can do for your business


Locating non-motorised assets. How one ground handler located all their leased assets, reclaiming items totalling a six-figure sum.


Who, What and Where at Heathrow. Tracking airside vehicles, people and ‘things’ at any given time.