Accelerator Programme

A faster way to reach your IoT and asset tracking goals

The Asset Fusion approach is simple - we help organisations in complex operational environments to solve their IoT and asset tracking and location monitoring problems in a hassle-free way. Our accelerator programme can help you reach significant milestones in days - not weeks, months or even years.


Why fast-start?

  • Leverage Asset Fusion ‘ready-to-go’ platform

  • Low technical and finance risk

  • High level of business engagement

  • Quick ROI

  • Iterative and flexible approach

  • Focused on learning and creating value

  • Led and driven by Asset Fusion

  • No ‘lock-in passed accelerator

How it works

Day 1

Planning and objectives

Understanding your business:
It’s critical to understand your business and your specific requirements.

We facilitate workshops to assess where opportunities and business values lie as well as setting key objectives and milestones

Day 2

Deploy fast start

Tracking implementation:
Using our tools and software we can start configuring and deploying tracking devices and setting up application functionality and integrations.

Day 3+

Capturing real-time data

Your tracking data is instantly available via our platform.

Discover and learn:
Review and analyse data, discover insights, build learning.

Build business case: Leverage findings and insight to look at options, value drivers, costs, opportunities

Next steps:
Review results and findings against shared objectives, set out high level plan to move forward

Let Asset Fusion help you to achieve your IoT and asset tracking goals faster