Asset Fusion

helping companies with complex operational environments to achieve their asset tracking and IoT goals.

We help our customers build strategies and implement solutions to locate and monitor all their mobile assets and allowing them to regain control of their operational environment.


IoT strategy development

There are many potential solutions for every IoT and asset tracking challenge -it can be hard to know which route to take. We provide impartial guidance and advice to build the right IoT strategy that delivers value for your business.

Asset Fusion asset tracking IoT enabled platform


Our platform uses IoT-enabled technology to locate and monitor all types of assets within complex environments. It’s designed for performance and scale to allow customers to improve operational efficiencies and cut costs.


accelerator programme

Our accelerator programme is a fast, simple and hassle-free way to help you reach your IoT, asset tracking and location monitoring goals and significant milestones in a matter of days - not weeks or months.





Impartial advice

We deliver impartial and expert advice to help customers reach their IoT goals. We make recommendations for the most appropriate and affordable solutions that match your unique business requirements. We offer practical assistance including trialling pilots and fast-starts to ensure our customers minimise the risks often associated with IoT and asset tracking while maximising value.


Accelerated value

Asset Fusion has years of experience working with customers in complex environments, throughout this time we have built advanced methodologies and tools to ensure you get valuable solutions to your business solutions much faster.


Tailored Solutions

All too often businesses are tied into contracts that lock customers into a suppliers solution - a device, sensor and application silo. Asset Fusion is vendor agnostic, you will always own your data and our development services and eco-system of hardware and application partners provides you with flexible, tailored solutions that will not leave you stuck in a technical silo.


Hassle-free approach

Organisations shouldn’t have to spend lots of time, resources or cash to understand new technologies, worrying about getting locked in or buying a solution that will not work for your business. Let us take the worry away - take part in our ‘Accelerator Call’ and we will work out the rest to get you to the point where you have a business case and proven solution.    

Our accelerator programme can help you meet your IoT and asset tracking goals faster - in days, not weeks.
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